Soya MESSE + EVENT – we are a professional exhibition and event service provider.  With main locations in Germany and China, we provide a competent global branding promotion solution for all the international and domestic clients. Our commitment: To provide an integrated solution for your exhibition and event planning.  Using one-stop service requirements on design, thorough planning and business arrangements are executed by our professional team.

From its beginnings, Soya has strived to maintain the highest international standards in design and performance.  We have successfully established a great reputation in the exhibition industry by following this ethos. So far, Soya has attended over 500 exhibitions held in Germany, Mainland of China, U.S.A, Canada, Spain, Middles East, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia.

The flexibility of our team has allowed us to cooperate with industry fields such as electronics, customer electronics, food, rubber and plastic, energy, auto, garment & textile, architecture, logistics, pharmacy, and many more.

High-Quality service here at Soya relies on the company mantra: “Quality is Market.” In Soya, talent is our greatest wealth.  Here we strive to create a harmonious atmosphere so that even under the pressure, our company operates at its highest level.  Encouraging innovation keeps us growing. Every good idea will not be suppressed, but receives full support.  Every part of the project, from original design to material selection, is taken seriously, not conforming to conventions.

The team here at Soya is prepared to help you keep the power of display and to increase your value.